2016-2017 Program Schedule
  Dste   Program Chair   Program/note   Greeter/Invocator
3-Oct-16   Presidents Stuart Nippes & Jean Hamlin  Club Officer & Director Installation                                              Bob Pasquarelli
10-Oct-16   David Booker  Board/Youth Protection Guidelines Club Training   Barb Fioravanti
17-Oct-16   Jim Parslow  Bill Dessingiue: ROUSE   Bob Loveridge
24-Oct-16   Stuart Nippes   Summerfest 2017 and Annual Citrus Sales   John Brownrigg
31-Oct-16   Joe Grillo  Bob Scepaniak (Monolithic Solar) - Solar Energy   Pat Lane
7-Nov-16   Pat Lane   Board Meeting/Youyh Services Committee Update   Bruce Perry
14-Nov-16   Jim Colabelli   VRDC meeting   Stuart Nippes
21-Nov-16   Pat Lane  Holiday Food and Gift Baskets Project   David Booker
28-Nov-16   Angelo Patti  Barbara Goldstein, APCSD Transitional Services Coordinator: 
     Special Needs Career Development Program at APCSD
  Craig Daniels
5-Dec-16   Joe Behson/Deb Donnelly   Board Meeting/Facebook/PR Committee Update   Rose Metchick
12-Dec-16   Kevin Sarsfield   Dr. Tim Kelly, Eat Well   Angelo Patti
19-Dec-16   Social Committee   Tenative Holiday Party   Bob Pasquarelli
9-Jan-17   Bryce Ginther/Bob Loveridge   Board Meeting/Community Services Committee Update   Jim Hoffman
16-Jan-17   Barb Fioravanti  Dr. Tim Kelly - Move Well   Joe Grillo
23-Jan-17   John Brownrigg   Dr. Tim Kelly - Think/Sleep Well   Bill Whipple
30-Jan-17   Frank Lewandusky   Mark Esslie - Changes in the Social Security Law   Miller Young
6-Feb-17   Bob Loveridge   Board Meeting/YCP#1 Committee Update   Jamie Hanlon
13-Feb-17   Dick Johnsen   The Amazing Island of Santorini   Justin Glasser
20-Feb-17   Ron Wagner   Mary Ellen Whitney, Founder and CEO Stride Adaptive Sports   Jim Parslow
27-Feb-17   George Raneri   Rensselaer County Sheriff Pat Russo   Frank Breselor
6-Mar-17   Janet Malecki   Board Meeting/Programs Committee Update   Peter Stevens
13-Mar-17   John Mulligan   Tenative APHS Key Club Installation of Officers   Joe Trupia
20-Mar-17   Jim Colabelli  Germany's Eagle's Nest   Kevin Sarsfield
27-Mar-17   Deb Donnelly   Sustainable Horticulture at APHS - a review of year 1   Eve Ward
3-Apr-17   Bob Pasquarelli   Board Meeting/Interclub Committee Update   Jen Koury
10-Apr-17   Jen Koury   Autism   Jim Colabelli
17-Apr-17   Rose Metchick   Pastor Chuck and Son John   Frank Lewandusky
24-Apr-17   Jim Hoffman   Annual APCSD Proposed Budget Presentation   Joe Behson
1-May-17   Eve Ward   Social Committee Update/Board Meeting   Ron Wagner
8-May-17   President Jean Hamlin   SLKC Annual Meeting & Election   John Mulligan
15-May-17   Justin Glasser   Luke Wilson: STRIDE Sled Hockey Player   Jim Rogers
22-May-17   Nancy Davis     Dick Johnsen
5-Jun-17   Peg Weiss   Board Meeting/Club Bulletin Committee Update   Deb Donnelly
12-Jun-17   Summerfest Chairs   Tenative Pre Summerfest Planning   Janet Malecki
19-Jun-17   Summerfest Chairs   Tenative Post Summerfest Wrapup   David Booker
26-Jun-17   Social Committee   Tenative Post Summerfest Picnic  
3-Jul-17   Service Leadership Program Chairs   Board Meeting/Service Leadership Programs Committee Update   Jim Colabelli
10-Jul-17   Frank Lewandusky     Peg Weiss
17-Jul-17   Jim Rogers     Janet Malecki
24-Jul-17   Craig Daniels     George Raneri
31-Jul-17   Skip Patton     Eve Ward
7-Aug-17   Peter Stevens   Board Meeting/House Committee Update   Skip Patton
14-Aug-17   Jamie Hanlon     Jim Rogers
21-Aug-17   Social Comitee   Annual Valley Cats Baseball Outing (vs Brooklyn Cyclones)    
28-Aug-17   Jerry Tysiak     Pat Lane
11-Sep-17   Membership & Education Chair   Board Meeting/Membership Committee Update   Nancy Davis
18-Sep-17   Social Committee   Steak & Lobster End of Year Outing  
25-Sep-17   Bill Whipple     Jerry Tysiak